KBS Academy

Welcome to the beating heart of our organisation. This is where we collate all our technical expertise and innovations relating to passive fire resistance.

Different teams of experts work on subjects in work groups to streamline these endeavours. Under the momentum of the Operations Manager, Technical Manager & Supervisors we continuously analyse and optimise existing innovations to continue as a pioneer in our sector and be fully ready for the future.

At the KBS Academy Center
we work intensively on:

Optimising the installation process

What tools or products can give an added value with the installation of fire safety and its aftercare? Our experts ensure that you get an all-in-one solution for your fire compartmentalisation issues.

Advice on product and operation

In our ‘KBS Bibles' we always include the appropriate methods, while we translate the manuals into handy information for the customer and people doing the work. We always look for alternatives to offer a conclusive and tested solution for any request.


At the Academy our QESH Manager is responsible for monitoring and compliance with the laws, as well as for communicating new aspects with the future in mind. We then guarantee that the buildings and the appliances of all our customers always comply with the strictest of laws.


You can take ‘We Care For Your Safety’ literally. We indeed have an Academy Centre at each of our sites. This is where we train our people and lay on refresher courses for both our staff and for our partners. In so doing we dissipate our methodology to all colleagues so we can always guarantee quality and conformity.

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