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Fire-resistant protection of supporting structures

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KBS Systems has all the necessary expertise in-house for the fire-resistant treatment of any supporting structures in steel or concrete. Choosing and using the right products means we guarantee the intended fire-resistance fully in conformity with legal requirements.

Use of fire-resistant sprayed mortar

In the event of a fire it is of essential importance that the supporting structure (columns, floors, etc.) in a building offer sufficient fire-resistance and fire stability, this mainly to enable the safe evacuation of everyone in the building. Buildings must satisfy the highest fire safety requirements to guarantee the safety of both the people inside the building and the equipment.

Determining the required thickness

Calculations must be made in line with the requested fire-resistance depending on the structures to be protected (columns, beams, floor slabs). This is to determine the required protective thickness to be used in conformity with the applicable test reports. These calculations can be taken care of either internally or externally by our certified suppliers. Installing the required thickness means KBS Systems can guarantee the requested fire-resistance of the structures to be protected.

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Use of fire-resistant paint

The rise in temperature in a fire causes paint to swell with an insulating layer being formed. Then during the protection period this prevents the stability of the structures being affected. We must also first carry out a technical construction analysis for this solution. Our own engineers analyse the whole environment so we can propose the right solution depending on the requested fire-resistance.