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Fire-resistant curtains, gates and smoke-resistant screens.

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In search of industrial fire-resistant curtains, gates or screens? At KBS we offer a complete range of fire-resistant screens and fire gates (rolling doors, sliding doors, sectional gates and lifting gates) to obtain the required fire compartmentalisation for large openings in industrial or other buildings. Each of these curtains and gates can be connected to the existing fire control panel. Besides this range we also install smoke-resistant screens.

Fire-resistant gates and curtains

All fire curtains and gates are individually manufactured because each sector must meet different requirements and each customer has his own specific needs. Each of these installations is associated with the installation of a local control cabinet.

Maintenance contract

An annual inspection is legally required to ensure fire safety in a building. We offer the option of concluding a maintenance contract for this purpose. After installation our in-house engineers draw up a passport for your building. We carry out the appropriate maintenance on the basis of this passport that serves as an inventory. For each installation we provide a QR code by default so we can retain the right information on your installed objects. Everything can be monitored digitally on the customer portal where your all installed objects can be found.

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Smoke-resistant screens

The installation of smoke-resistant screens goes in tandem with specific organisational parameters. The environmental parameters are crucial for the right choice of product and its installation. Based on all the parameters we join with our partners in establishing the fitting solution with the right approach.