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Fire-resistant seals

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At KBS we install all types of fire-resistant seals for openings in feed-throughs such as for cable ducts, pipes or other conduit, all in conformity with applicable European legislation. These fire-resistant seals are also airtight and smokeproof and ensure the required parameters for fire compartmentalisation. We work strictly in line with the applicable standards and only use certified products to fit these installations. After our work you receive fully compliant and complete as-built documentation for both horizontal and vertical fire compartmentalisation.

Why fire-resistant seals?

Fire-resistant seals for cable ducts, pipes and other conduit are required to create the necessary fire compartmentalisation between different spaces and escape routes. As a result, safe evacuation of the building can be guaranteed in the event of a fire.

Contact us free of obligation and we will make your building fire-safe.

Walls, floors and ceilings

Feed-throughs created for cable ducts, pipes and other conduit in walls, floors and ceilings may not result in the fast spread of flue gases or any possible spreading of a fire. Fire-resistant seals guarantee the required fire safety here.

The right fire-resistant products

Each location is unique, so an analysis of the building is required before a solution can be proposed. To do this we work with reliable partners who are frequently in attendance at our KBS Academy. With a number of specific techniques linked to certain risk zones, we guarantee use of the right fire-resistant products and fast installation.

Required by law

For each building fire compartmentalisation is established under Belgian law independent of its activity. Fire tests according to European requirements must demonstrate the legally required fire-resistance. At KBS we go yet another step further by our own KBS Academy continually investigating how we can continue to guarantee your safety; We Care For Your Safety.

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How do we create 

We use an individual approach for each fire-resistant seal. For each feed-through we draw up a technical work file depending on the specific facilities and the fire certificates required.

Analysis on-site

Before our people get down to work, our fire experts pay a visit to the site to conduct an analysis. We also develop the right individual solutions for complex situations that are fully compliant with all laws and regulations. This all takes place under the strict supervision of our experienced project managers.

Fire-resistant mineral wool boards - our own production

To seal an opening we usually work with mineral wool boards that have undergone a fire-resistant pre-treatment. We finish the cables, pipes and conduit that must pass through the wall or ceiling with a fire-resistant coating.

Sealing airtight and smokeproof

Air-tight seals can make sure that all undesired gaps and seams in a space or building are sealed off. With all gaps and seams sealed off, air quality is improved, less heat is lost and you save on energy costs.

Digital as-built file

After installation our in-house engineers draw up a passport for your building and we carry out the appropriate maintenance based on this inventory. For each installation we provide a QR code by default so we can retain the right information on your installed objects. Everything can be monitored digitally on the customer portal where your all installed objects can be found. Do you want to be sure that all your fire-resistant seals still comply with the legal standards? Opt for a maintenance contract with all fire-proof seals being subjected to an annual inspection. We will carry out any necessary repairs when needed.