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Full service for fire-resistance and compartmentalisation

Control & Protection established itself as an approved installer and supplier for fire compartmentalisation purposes as early as in the seventies. Under the aegis of that company KBS Systems was founded in 1984 as an installer of the full range of fire-resistant applications.

Thanks to the demand from our reputable industrial customers, KBS Systems has in the meantime grown to become a fully-fledged systems engineering company that is able to offer a full service for any fire compartmentalisation needs with a guarantee of the right fire-resistance. View the KBS-DNA elaborated in our 5 values ​​here.

in fire laws

At the start of the eighties fire laws in our country were still in their infancy. The first regulations were the consequence of a number of catastrophic fires that had struck our country in the previous years and decades.

Today, KBS Systems is among the absolute pioneers in specialised systems engineering companies which from the modest beginnings has followed the evolution of and been able to correctly apply the fire laws.

We form part of the select company of firms which in the initial years themselves still had to take responsibility for the financing, preparation and completion of official fire certificates.

Specialised in
industry and the nuclear sector

Thanks to our years of experience and far-reaching expertise, we not only carry out assignments in residential buildings and the retail sector, over the years we have also built up an enviable reputation in industry and the nuclear sector.

We accordingly have the necessary specialists, the required safety certificates (SCC*) and quality management systems to also guarantee fire safety in the nuclear sector, even to inside the reactor buildings and associated installations.

Strong advisory role and
work under our own management

Our customers can count on specialised advice based on inspections on-site. Thanks to our analyses we develop a tailored technical proposal for the completion of the intended fire compartmentalisation along with a guarantee of the required fire-resistance.

The work takes place fully under our own management. Our project managers and supervisors meticulously ensure that the work is carried out in a compliant way so we can offer our end customer guaranteed fire-resistance in a documented ‘As-built’ file.