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The law advises thorough maintenance of fire-resistant installations. Besides aftercare for your project we also offer (preventive) maintenance and far-reaching advice. As a technical partner will all the necessary expertise we share our experience in the long term.

Maintenance of installations

After fitting the installations our in-house engineers draw up a passport for your building that serves as an inventory. We carry out the appropriate maintenance on the basis of this inventory. For each installation project we provide a QR code by default so we can retain the right information on each of the installed objects. Everything can be monitored digitally on the customer portal where your all objects to be installed can be found. We always get to work skilfully and preventively. This is how we keep your building fire safe along with the required fire-resistance.

Did KBS not fit the installation for your fire protection? No problem! In that case we will be happy to come along to draw up a passport. This baseline meeting also immediately represents an inventory of the condition of the objects. We then draw up an individualised approach that on the one hand can consist of repairs and replacements, and on the other a maintenance plan.

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KBS Portal

On the KBS portal the customer can always see all activities and information to monitor the objects.


  • Installation with QR Code or passport creation
  • Proposal for a maintenance plan with detailed information
  • Everything can be simply followed on the customer portal
  • Carefree carrying on with your core business

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KBS portal

Service call-outs

Door blocked or a part broken? Besides for door units, we also carry out service call-outs for fire-resistant screens, gates, compartmentalisation and all ancillary services.

Depending on the problem our engineer puts the right team together to analyse and solve the problem in the agreed time span. After the work the customer portal shows you a report on the problem, the solution and the work carried out. You then avoid problems in the future.

Service Request


Our customers can count on personalised advice based on inspections on-site. On the basis of our analyses we develop a tailored technical proposal for the completion of the intended fire compartmentalisation along with a guarantee of the required fire-resistance.

This can range from advice on the right products, to choosing the manufacturer or solving complex technical issues to obtain a solution that is also in compliance with the relative laws and regulations.

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