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Steel fire doors with fire-resistance to EI1-120

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Why choose a steel fire door?

Fire doors are important elements in the fire compartmentalisation of a building. They give the building certain resistance to the effects of fire so safe escape routes remain guaranteed.

Building regulations state what requirements must be met by fire doors. The fire doors from KBS always comply with all these Belgian and European regulations. And we go one step further: with our own KBS Academy we always investigate the best possible guarantee for your own particular safety. We Care For Your Safety.

It is particularly technical industrial installations and public spaces such as car parks, tunnels, cinemas, etc. that require door units with sufficient mechanical resistance and fire resistance.

Skilled installation

Skilled installation is a necessity to be able to enjoy all the functional benefits of a steel fire door. To ensure effective installation, our experts conduct an analysis on location before setting out an approach to offer you the best long-term solutions. At our own KBS Academy Center our installers are continually given further training while they follow training on the latest technical developments.

Annual maintenance

At KBS we always proceed appropriately and with prevention in mind to keep your building fire-safe in line with the applicable fire standards. After installation our in-house engineers draw up a passport for your building. We carry out the appropriate maintenance on the basis of this passport that serves as an inventory. For each installation we provide a QR code by default so we can retain the right information on your installed objects. Everything can be monitored digitally on the customer portal where your all installed objects can be found.

Did KBS not fit the installation for your fire protection? No problem! In that case we will come along to draw up a passport. This baseline meeting also immediately gives a clear picture of the condition of the objects. In so doing we can draw up an individual approach that consists of repairs that may or may not have to be carried out or parts that must be replaced. This serves as the basis for the maintenance plan.

Advice and possibilities

Already with more than 40 years of experience in fire compartmentalisation, we have built up strong long-term relationships with our partners. As an approved ISIB installer and partner we are able to respond at speed to complex issues and can always offer the best solution.

Our steel fire doors can further be provided with additional features such as acoustics, burglary protection, explosion-resistance, etc. These steel door units must be tested for all these properties according to the applicable European standard.

"Long-lasting cooperation"

Luc Van Goethem

Fire-resistant tunnel doors

Tunnel doors are of crucial importance at locations that may require evacuation such as road tunnels, railway tunnels and also tunnels under water. The tunnel door niche is one of our particular strengths. As the market leader in Belgium and France, we complete outstanding projects with the focus on quality and long-term safety.

Custom-made work

Tunnel door projects always involve custom-made work. The operational impact is of even greater importance than in other projects. This concerns our customer’s processes, the environment of the works and our own internal organisation to boot. We can provide the right service with the right project approach according to our own methodology.

Operation excellence

We invariably apply our project methodology for each of our projects. We work according to a particular standard based on our ISO procedures. This approach is even more important when carrying out tunnel projects. As regards fire resistance, our tunnel doors are EI1-certified from 30 to 120 minutes and with EI2 even to 180 minutes.