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Quality fireproofing and installation in accordance with strict safety requirements at Pfizer

KBS-Systems, a company specializing in fireproofing, was approached by the pharmaceutical giant Pfizer for the task of fireproofing the steel deck roof of one of their buildings. The challenge was that Pfizer has particularly strict safety standards, similar to those of a nuclear power plant. Additionally, the location of the roof was difficult, as it connected two high-risk areas: a high-voltage room and a chemical processing room. KBS-Systems used two types of Promat fireproofing plates, EI60 and EI120, to complete the project. The installation required custom measurements and the plates could not overlap.

Pfizer is not just any company, the pharmaceutical multinational has strict requirements in terms of safety, transportation and handling of materials. The required safety level is comparable to that of a nuclear power plant. The roof in question also connects two rooms with a high fire risk: a high-voltage room and a room where chemical products are processed. All reasons for KBS-Systems to take the necessary precautions!

The ‘worksite’ was also located on the sixth floor of the building and the roof had irregular profiles. It was clear that custom cutting and sawing would be necessary.

Good start is half the battle

After a thorough analysis, a site visit and a brainstorm session in consultation with Pfizer, KBS-Systems chose two types of fireproofing Promat plates: EI60 and EI120 (fireproofing expressed in minutes). Promat has been a reliable and involved partner of KBS-Systems for years.

The transport of the plates took almost a day: a vertical transport was chosen, taking into account the wind. Upon arrival on site, the Promat plates were brought up using two boom lifts. The installation itself was pure custom work: the plates had to have different sizes and the EI60 and EI120 plates were not allowed to overlap.

Prior to the installation, three employees of KBS-Systems followed a special training to be able to work on the Pfizer site. A thorough form of personalization!

Qualitative execution on a non-standard location

At KBS-Systems, we are particularly proud of this accomplishment because we have succeeded in delivering quality on an unusual location. The nicest compliment we received from Pfizer is the follow-up order placed with us.

We also want to give a well-deserved compliment to the execution team on the field. Our employees had to prepare, transport and install in challenging conditions and they have done this excellently.

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