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What are administrative obstacles? KBS systems opens all (fire-safe) doors!

At KBS Systems we always go to the extreme for our clients. Socogetra's construction experts certainly know their onions! Their customer, steel giant Aperam, was also able to experience how we streamline every project to perfection. Only in this way can we guarantee the efficiency and time-savings that always make the difference. The multitude of necessary permits and red tape did not delay the installation of our three fire doors for one second. Another mission rounded off with success!

Fireproof doors, crucial for steelmaking.

The steel industry is characterised by spectacularly high heating processes. In such a context fire safety is simply of paramount importance. It goes without saying that this is not an environment in which an installer would fit any old fire doors. It requires expertise, trust and flawless communication. These are three aspects to which we pay untold attention at KBS.
So it didn’t take long for construction specialists Socogetra to decide they needed three fireproof doors for their project on the Aperam site. As a loyal customer, they know our vision… and our added value to boot. We work with surgical precision and care even in a technically challenging context like steel production. At Socogetra they also know that the products we install are always at the top of their game. In a nutshell: by working with us our customers make an impression on their own partners!

Our expertise and communication open doors!

An additional challenge with such assignments is the major administrative workload involved. Permits, approvals, tests… the regulations are quite rightly extremely strict. If you are not skilled enough you soon lose your way, which is detrimental to the duration or even the feasibility of a project. Fortunately our experienced team – Philippe Alvi, Jan Zinkowiec and Karol Skowronski – knows the tricks of the trade. Coordination went perfectly. This is not least down to the professionalism of Socogetra and project owner Aperam. Thanks to flawless communication we achieved our goals in good time, despite the imposing mountain of paperwork.
We received all the permits on time so the work was completed in two working days: One single exterior door, one single interior door and one double interior door. Now to help monitor access and productivity on the Aperam site. Not a simple matter in this erratic raw material crisis!

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