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Fire safety guaranteed in Antwerp City Hall

Antwerp City Hall today meets the strictest fire prevention requirements. KBS Systems, a specialised company based in Wilrijk, took on the responsibility to achieve it. “Our main intervention was the construction of a ventilation duct in the stairwell,” says project manager Jean-Paul Jans.

“The ventilation duct is made of white Promat. We applied it discreetly so that it does not stand out against the historical background. The duct opens onto a skylight, which opens automatically in case of smoke development. We were also responsible for compartmentation and finishing the lead-throughs between the compartments. In the process, we refurbished the existing fire walls and also installed some additional ones.”

This was not a first for KBS in a well-known Antwerp building. “We previously took care of the fire prevention system in the new court building, in 18 of the 24 blocks at Nieuw Zuid and in the Mediahuis, the headquarters of DPG Media,” says company manager Frank Tijtgat. KBS is currently co-developing the escape concept for the Tijsman Tunnel and handling Elia’s high-voltage power lines in the Schijnpoort Tunnel. Pioneer in fire prevention. As early as the 1970s, Control & Protection positioned itself as a recognised installer and supplier of fire compartmentation. Within that group, KBS Systems was established in 1984 as an installer of the full range of fire protection applications. “In the early 1980s, fire legislation in our country was still in its infancy. The first regulations were the result of some catastrophic fires that had hit our country in the years and decades before,” Tijtgat said.

“We belong to the select group of companies that – in the early years – had to finance, prepare and issue official fire certificates themselves. This is how KBS Systems was able to follow the evolution of fire legislation from the very beginning as an absolute pioneer and to apply it correctly. Thanks to assignments for industrially renowned clients and in residential buildings, KBS Systems has since grown into an installation company offering a total service for any fire compartmentation, guaranteeing the right fire resistance. We also have the necessary specialists, required safety certificates and quality management systems to ensure fire safety in the nuclear sector.”

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