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KBS-Systems & Atlas Copco

Fire-resistant seals for Atlas Copco

Installing fire-resistant seals without impacting the production process? No problem!

Making a business or industrial building fire-safe requires the necessary vigour. Will all that activity and work hinder the productivity of your business? Not at all. KBS-Systems knows how important continuity is for your business or company. That’s why we always take a thoughtful and structured approach to the work. Our biggest boon? We listen to our customers. With crystal clear agreements, we monitor not only fire safety, but also the productivity of your business. Atlas Copco recently experienced this again with the installation of new fire-resistant seals!


Atlas Copco: a vital link for entire industries

Atlas Copco builds workshop solutions in countless shapes, sizes and weights. This means that their production capacity and more importantly continuity has benefited countless other companies. So as soon as we started working with them, we knew that our flexibility and focus on a minimal impact on the customer’s core business were important arguments in their choosing KBS-Systems. The extra service is an important part of our benefits.

The ‘main’ works are in the technical space.

With these works the obvious concern was to interfere as little as possible with the day-to-day operations of the client. This is why we always choose to carry out the bulk of our work in the technical area. This focus on comfort and continuity for the customer does of course require some additional knowledge and skills. Not all holes that require fire-sealing are easily accessible from the technical space. Our priority is multi-faceted: comfort, continuity and quality. To achieve the latter objective, it is of course possible that we will also work elsewhere in the company, for example in a production hall.

Fire-resistant seals after open dialogue!

In the latter case transparent, understanding dialogue is indispensable. Bolstering safety and productive continuity do not have to get in the way of each other. It all depends on the flexibility and communication skills of the contractor/installer. The technical expertise of our people is quite impressive, but in this project communication was equally important. This is another area in which we want to distinguish ourselves on a daily basis. Atlas Copco now also knows what we stand for!

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