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Fire-resistant doors for ArcelorMittal

Fire doors protect the ArcelorMittal ‘Torero’ site

When you can count steel giant ArcelorMittal among your customers, you know that innovation and sustainability are simply a matter of course. This absolute world player did not choose KBS-Systems by chance to supply and install 23 fire doors on their sustainability flagship; the ‘Torero’ site. On the contrary, a shared vision of quality, safety and expertise had everything to do with that!

Fire safety, cast in steel


When ArcelorMittal knocked on our door with their request to install 23 fire-safe doors and one window assembly at their ‘Torero’ site, it was natural to want to find the right product for this advanced site. Indeed, extremely impressive and innovative processes are taking place at the ‘Torero’ site; the plant processes wood waste into biocarbon suitable for the blast furnace process. This has a spectacular CO2-reducing impact, so is invaluable for the next generations and deserves the very best protection.

Heinen fire doors excel in terms of safety, customization and solidity. The mechanical resistance is also downright impressive. It is therefore ideal for protecting an advanced, complex and innovative environment such as the ArcelorMittal ‘Torero’ site. The flexible options with these doors also guarantee a perfectly fitting route for any space. At the same time, each of the doors complies with the latest European regulations.
The ultimate condition for maximum safety? That of course remains extremely solid installation. This is precisely why KBS-Systems is the perfect partner for such jobs: our people are installing these 23 crucial safety beacons exactly according to the rules of the art. Expertise and permanent training are crucial building blocks within our vision, and for good reason.

Tough challenges: our comfort zone

KBS-Systems is at home in (fire) safety for the most complex structures and projects. We find the right solution for every challenge based on far-reaching expertise in fire safety for the most diverse industries and projects. Cleverly conceived, structured work is obviously indispensable to this end. The approach to the ‘Torero’ site was conceived in two phases. At this juncture we are working fully on the lower floors. Phase two will see the upper floors come into play. The installation of fire doors, not the lightest and maneuverable objects, up to a height of 26m, illustrates the craftsmanship of our people. It is exactly because we also go that extra mile that we earn the trust of global players like ArcelorMittal and many others.

Our combination of responsibility, sustainability and genuine passion for technology makes the difference every time.

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